Sports Movie: Famous and Trending Of All The Time | You Must Watch

Sports Movie: Famous and Trending Of All The Time | You Must Watch

Hence Bollywood is a big industry that does any type of movie. Sports Movies are one of them they always like to write about their heroes. Their past and their struggles how they become famous and make a celebrity. Who doesn’t want to know about their famous heroes and their struggles? Here is some famous sports movie of all the time.

Bhag Mikha Bhag

Bhag Mikka Bhag was released in 2013 and is based on a true story. How the Singh come to an Olympic medal. Farhan Akhtar played a lead role in it.


Lagan is the movie in which they showed how people beat Englishmen during the game. Amir Khan is the main leading actor in this movie.

Chak de India

Chak de India is the most famous movie of all time. This story is based on how the Indian Womens’ hockey team won the world cup. Shahrukh Khan was playing the role of the coach in it.


Chamatkar is a movie that revolves around cricket. It became very famous among young people.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

This movie was released in 1992. Amir khan is playing a leading role in this movie who is fighting for a girl. Actually, it is the story of a poor boy who took part in the Marathon Cycle Race in their college event.


Jannat is not actually a sports movie but this movie highlighted the biggest sports issues in the country. Imran Hashmi was playing a man who is a victim.

Mary Com

Mary Com is a movie about a world’s famous boxer woman. Who she won the world championship and Olympic Medal. Even its trailer is very exciting.


Azhar is a movie based on a famous indian cricketer. It is based on a love story as well as highlights the issues of one famous cricketer’s life.