10 Tips For Preventing Sport Injuries In Kids And Teens

10 Tips For Preventing Sport Injuries In Kids And Teens

Today in this article, we will discuss about 10 tips for preventing sport injuries in kids and teens while playing.

Talk with the young athlete

It can be considered as a main tips for preventing sport injuries. Sports should be played pain-free. Tell your kid to let parents know if something hurts or doesn’t feel ok.

Get a preseason physical

Asses any concerns before starting sports season, and prevent further injury during play if a condition is present and needs to be treated. Plus, your school won’t let you play if you don’t have a sports physical on file.

Try to stay active in a variety of sports

Playing too much a single sport takes lots of stress on the same muscles and joints. Limit the number of teams and keep changing their routine regularly to give them a variety of activities and exercises to do.

Stretching Is Must

Stretching should become a necessary habit for all athletes before practicing their game. They should do both static and dynamic stretching. It will help body to come into motion.

Rest Is Important

Players of all ages compulsory need to rest after a couple of practices, games and events. Most common injuries in young players are due to – too many sports at a time and without enough rest.

Healthy And Well-balanced Diet

It’s important for athletes to eat well so that they can perform well, vegetables and lean proteins are important to maintain a regular eating schedule.

Athletes Must Stay Hydrated

Make sure your athlete drinks enough water before, during and after playing specially during summers. You can look for any sun or heat-related illness, such as nausea, fatigue, vomiting, or maybe fainting.

Fulfilled with proper equipments

Helmets, pads, shoes and other protective equipment can prove to be very helpful in preventing injuries. But they must fit properly in order to offer a proper protection required for the players.

Proper technique and guidelines

In every sport, there is a correct way and a wrong way of doing a several activity. It only takes a little time players don’t follow this advice and an injury to happen.

First Aid could help early

Small injuries when ignored can progress into a very serious injury. Get your child to a good doctor right away even if they have a small injury.