Nutrition and Dietetics – Online diploma on nutrition and dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics – Online diploma on nutrition and dietetics

  1. Nutrition and Dietetics is a new area of medicine. It’s not just a rising sector; It’s a whole new field that recognises the importance of excellent eating habits and offers advice on how to create a healthier world. These experts would create nutritional remedies not only for ailing people but also for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The rising demand for nutrition and dietetics information and diet regimens will be aided by the growing and aging population.

This thorough nutrition and dietetics training curriculum was designed by CNDS.

Is it possible to take a dietitian course online?

Enroll with Oxford Home Study Centre to be eligible for our brand-new free online nutrition courses. Our online nutrition and dietetics courses are flexible enough for even the busiest lifestyles, as they are open to new and experienced applicants from all over the world with no deadlines or time constraints.

What does a nutrition and dietetics diploma entail?

R&D (Research and Development), Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, health centers, etc. ), Government schemes and organizations, NGOs, Teaching and Education sectors are all possible career paths for nutritionists or dieticians.

Certification & Examination

IGMPI uses a credit system for all PG Diploma, Executive Diploma, and Certificate programmes that is based on all learning activities. Your modules are worth four credits each. You must earn all of the credits given to your programme in order to complete it successfully.

All participants must submit completed assessment assignments on time. During the programme, generally after each module and take an online exam at the conclusion of the programme. The participants will get a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Faculty of the Center for Nutrition and Dietetics Studies (CNDS), IGMPI, if they complete the programme successfully. Extensive programme material, self-assessment assignments, and project work specifics would be provided for all of the above-mentioned modules.