4 nutrition goals that are way better than weight loss

4 nutrition goals that are way better than weight loss

The popular New Year’s resolve in the quest to become healthier has long been to try to reduce weight. With a certain number on the scale in mind. The scale, on the other hand, can be a source of frustration for many people because of its  4 nutrition goals and frequent swings.

Here are four goals worth pursuing this year.

4 nutrition goals


If resolutions are cloaked in negativity, they may fall flat. “I’m giving up dessert,” for example.

This also means that this year you won’t have to rely on self-control or restraint.

“Eating a lot of vegetables will automatically drown out other less nutrient-dense meals you’re trying to avoid,” she explains. You can easily meet the goal by resolving to eat half of your plate with vegetables and a piece of fruit at each meal.


Food and wine are frequently discussed when gathering with friends or relatives. Instead, Clifford suggests becoming For example, instead of going to breakfast on Saturday mornings, sign up for a 5K and train together.


Reading has fallen by the wayside for many busy professionals, according to Clifford. Getting back into the habit this year may actually help you sleep better.” I advise customers to turn off their devices a half hour before bedtime and read a book that will help them relax mentally,” she says. Alternatively, start a gratitude diary and write five things you’re glad for each day in it.


But don’t go if you don’t want to. “Not only does this apply to current expeditions, but also to future ones.” For example, if someone invites you to help organize an event in the future but you don’t have the time. inclination to do so right now, politely decline. “If you don’t want to do it now, you won’t want to do it three months from now.”