Six Feet Under | The Human Mortality, Nature And Facts About Death

Six Feet Under | The Human Mortality, Nature And Facts About Death

In this universe, we all know we were born for a specific purpose. Everything in this world is mortal. Did you understand the world Mortal? A single creature, whatever this is a human-animal or plant, everything will disappear, n; nothing long-lasting.IN fact, the end of humans is terrifying because humans play many roles in society. A many struggles for his family. He does what he can do. Hence,  In the end, he died and left his property for his family with the wish that they will live a peaceful life. But Six Feet Under reveals some truth about death, and it’s after circumstances.

Six Feet Under Cast:

  • Peter Krause as Nate Fisher
  • Michael C. Hall as David Fisher
  • Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher
  • Freddy Rodriguez as Federico Diaz
  • Mathew St. Patrick as Keith Charles
  • Rachel Griffiths as Brenda Chenowith
  • Jeremy Sisto as Billy Chenowith
  • James Cromwell as George Sibley
  • Justina Machado as Vanessa Diaz
  • Lauren Ambrose as Claire Fisher

Hence, It is the main cast of the series.  But it has many small roles which have a separate influence on the audience. Further, the creator of the movie is Alan Ball. In addition, it also has its title track which hits the heart.

Story Reveal Time:

A man who is the owner of his property. He spends his entire life building an umpire. But in the end, he died, and all rights give to his elder son. Moreover, he wishes his family will live a peaceful life. But they fell into conflicts. Because everyone becomes greedy and they face many circumstances. This whole series revolves around family politics and its circumstances. It reveals some facts about death and the reality of human nature.

You will enjoy its bitterness and sweetness at the same time.

It has 5 seasons which consist of 63 episodes, not a very long series.