Metaverse – A whole new world: Education meets the metaverse

Metaverse – A whole new world: Education meets the metaverse


The future metaverse is anticipated to fully support augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the connection necessary to connect all worlds. In its most democratic form, anyone will be able to build a space and become a member of a user-generated global community on an interoperable multiplatform where they may share their games or goods with the rest of the world. This should be possible because of the G5’s internet speed.

To date, there are a few more well-known examples of what is to come, such as the games Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox.

Metaverse – A whole new world

The metaverse has arrived. It will soon be as ubiquitous as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (now Meta). As technology evolves, bringing us new immersive and imaginative worlds, we must adapt how we educate children and equip teachers to meet these new challenges. When education lags behind technological advancements, technology, is not educators. To realize the metaverse’s full potential as a 3D, global, interconnected, immersive, and interactive environment.

Metaverse – A vision

Consider a circular classroom with whiteboards on all sides and movable chairs. Students are enthralled by stories about Greek myths, the power of Zeus, the god of the sky, and legends about his son, Hercules, who was famed for his strength.

Suddenly, a timeline appears in the center of the room. Children push their chairs aside and stand in the present, ready to travel back in time to the year 300 BC, where they will face a new reality. They join the Greek cultural metaverse.


They discover an urn and a statue after piecing their fragments together like a historical jigsaw. It discovers that myths are more than just stories. They and other archaeologists contributed to the re-discovery of that society.

However, keep in mind that the engagement is essentially social, including actual individuals and real-time, emotionally charged conversations. Also, keep in mind that the professors are still an important part of this experience. Make no mistake: the metaverse is on its way.