Developing Career In Data Science And A Data Scientist

Developing Career In Data Science And A Data Scientist

In today’s Scenario, Data Science becomes an essential part of the industry. Data Science has become the most debated topic these days. Nowadays, Data Science is gaining popularity over the year. Many companies were now considering data science as the main priority in their organizations.
Companies were implementing data science techniques to grow their business and also helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study of data where a large amount of data using modern techniques to derive meaningful information and make business decisions accordingly. It is a machine-learning algorithm to build predictive models.
The data is taken from multiple sources is used for analysis to present in various formats.
In other words, data science can be described as preparing data for analysis, manipulating data, cleansing data, aggregating to perform advanced data analysis.

Why Data Science?

As data science enables individuals to make decision making, predictive analysis, etc. Its help in performing exploring study on the data. Also, helps in finding the cause of the problem. Model the data using an algorithm and also communicating the result using graphs or dashboards.

Data Science is already assisting the airline industry and also helps in divining disruption in traveling to solve the problem of both airlines and passengers. Data Science will help airlines in such a way by plan routes to schedule connecting or direct flights.

Who is a data scientist?

A data scientist is a professional who is responsible for collecting, interpreting, and analyzing a large volume of data. The role of the data scientists is to shoot off the traditional method of a statistician, computer professional, mathematician, scientist, and scientist, etc.
The basic responsibility of data scientists includes gathering and analyzing data, using various types of reporting tools to detect the trends and relationships in data.

What is Data Scientist do?

A data scientist can interpret the data and extract meaningful information out of it. In other words, data scientists help in solving business problems by the following steps:-

  • Ask the right question to understand the exact problem of the company.
  • Collects the data from multiple sources such as public data enterprise data etc.
  • Then process the raw data to convert it into suitable formate for analysis.
  • The raw data is now fed into the system.
  • Lastly, prepares the result and share it with the appropriate stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities of Data Scientists

Data scientists work with business entities to understand their objectives and analyze how data can be effectively used to achieve their goals. Their task greatly depends on the company they work for. Data scientists can encounter the following tasks and responsibilities are:-

  1. They do research work about the companies main point. Opportunities of growth, also research on areas of improvement inefficiency.
  2. Defining the useful and relevant set of data, then collect the data from various sources.
  3. Cleaning the unusable data and testing that what remains should be accurate.
  4. Applying the algorithm which is used to implement automatic tools.
  5. Analyzing and modeling the data to identify the trends.
  6. Visualizing the data into a dashboard for which the other members of the organization can discuss and consult.
  7. Lastly, present the findings and making recommendations for the data.

Skill require to become Data Scientist

Lets us now discuss the following important skill to become data, scientists were:-

  • Education

To become a Data Scientists very strong educational background is required to develop deep knowledge in the field of data science. It is necessary to you to hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer science, physical science, social science, and statistics.
The most common field of knowledge in statistics and mathematics and then followed by computer science and Engineering. A degree in following such a field of study can open up the door to become a data, scientist.
Here, not only does classroom learning may lead you to become a scientist but requires application learning.

  • Machine learning

It is the main pillar of this field. This needs proficiency in machine learning and techniques. Such as supervised machine learning, logistic regression, decision tree, etc.
This skill helps to solve any problems you faced in data science. Not only expert area of knowledge is important but also requires
level of familiarity.

  • Programming

Data science requires strong programming skills. To convert theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge every individual needs strong programming skills for the Data Sciences field.
The most common programming language used in Data Science in Python and R as well as another programming language too. Data science expects object-oriented programming skills.

  • Communication

Data Scientists need good communication skills as data need to be communicated and which requires who can manipulate data effectively.
Communication is the major part of every organization as it requires at every level such as in business leadership, giving a presentation.

  • Analytical and Modeling

Data is only good when it is performed analytically and modeling. For such data scientists have expertise in analytical and modeling skills.
With the use of critical thinking and effective communication, one can be able to analyze data effectively.

Data Science as a career

For recent five years, the data scientists’ role vacancies were coming most frequently. This role is growing significantly. In the 2019 report of United States data scientist as the number one job.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job ratio will rise by 11.5 million by 2026.
Underline the following job role under the data science domain were:-

  • Data analyst
  • Data consultant
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architects
  • Businesses Intellectual Specialist

The average salary of Data Scientists is approx 907,000 Rupees per annum in India.

How to build a career in data science?

By choosing the right qualification, you can open the door to a data science career for you as a data scientist. Every individual with the abou=ve mention skill can continue to such a role. As the demand for these skills and professions is now become increasing. And also sure to seek a hike in salaries in future. Therefore, thinking of a career in Data Science will be fruitful for young ones.