Artificial Intelligence Is Also Stepping Into The Education Industry

Artificial Intelligence Is Also Stepping Into The Education Industry

Intelligence is not what can you do, it is how well ad efficiently you can learn new things. Artificial Intelligence enables computers to perform intelligence tasks such as problem-solving, decision making, and understanding human communication.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is defined as a field, that stimulates human intelligence in machines. It is the branch of computer science that emphasizes the development of machines that can think and work like humans. John McCarthy who is the father of Artificial Intelligence describes AI as any task performed by the machine that lately required human intelligence.
Three different approaches that can define AI is:-
1) Thinking humanly
2) Thinking rationally
3) Acting rationally

Different Types Of Artificial Intelligence

It is generally divided into two categories:-

1) Narrow AI:- This type of AI is the most basic human intelligence that can operate within a limited context. It is often focused on performing a single task. This AI is also referred to as “Weak AI”.
Examples of Narrow AI-

  • Siri
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Self-driving cars

2) General AI:- General AI is generally defined as a kind of AI that we can see in movies like a robot that performs any task.
It is also called ” Strong AI”. It is much like a human being that can perform anything to solve any problem.
Some examples of General AI is:-
-Skynet in the movie Terminator

How AI is changing the education industry?

Artificial Intelligence has an enormous influence across the industries, one of them is education.
Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is becoming a part of our normal life. As we are now surrounded by AI technology in the following ways in smart sensors for taking spectacular photos, personal assistance, etc.

AI is also changing the way of understanding and learning through smart devices and computers. It helps us to minimize the time required for completing a particular task. This helps educators to spend more time with students.

Transformations brought by AI in the education industry are:-

  1. Automation Administrative work
    A study can reveal that teachers can spend more of their time on the nonteaching task, which can be irresistible. But nowadays can overtake this burden from their shoulders. By this, the teacher can now spend most of their time with their students. This is the place where Artificial Intelligence is quietly handy. AI has the power to manage the administrative work of the education industry.
  2. Smart Content
    In this pandemic era, smart content is an extremely hot topic today. AI is taking education and technology go hand and hand. By using the traditional syllabus AI is creating customize textbooks for different content. As a result teaching and content become digitalized and a new interface was created.
    Education is taking up a new turn a Digital turn with the AI. The content of the textbook is now becoming more comprehensive and easy to navigate.
  3. Personalized Learning
    AI is now improving student achievement. As different students have different approaches to learning. And the teacher can’t give one-to-one sessions for everyone. There AI plays a major role to provide solutions to such problems. It can furthermore give guidance to students on the difficulties they are facing during lectures. AI personalized the students learning by working on their strengths and their weaknesses.
  4. 24×7 Assistance Anywhere Anytime
    Students can now take assistance anytime with this coming technology AI. With this technology, students can now get quick and relevant answers to their problems. As traditional, they have to wait for the long or until the class or professor are available.
  5. Global Learning
    Nowadays AI can help to eliminate the boundaries of education throughout the world. As our beings drastic transitions by providing learning of any course from anywhere across the globe.
    Students can now take the education from anywhere in the world.

Some AI-Powered Education Apps

Few examples of the AI-powered app for the students and teachers are as under:-

  1. Brainly– It is the platform where students get their answers for their homework. Students get their quick automatic response for their queries.
  2. Duolingo– It is an AI-based learning language app that offers more than 30 languages. Here students can test themselves from anywhere and at any time.
  3. Thinkster Math– It helps students become better in math by identifying their weak points. With this, the students get immediate feedback and help to achieve better results.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence in education

Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages too. As technology plays an important role in education. As AI is contributing more to learning but it has disadvantages too.
Some of the cons of using AI in education are as follows:-

  • Students get an addiction to technology
    As done with the social media app as it became addictive day by day. The same goes for AI. AI with positive effects also put negative effects into the life of students.
    According to the research, it reveals that excessive usage of technology can produce stress in students’ minds.
  •  Threatened the job market
    AI replace the teacher in the school in nearer future. Many jobs in the education sector are at great risk. As robotic teachers were more effective and efficient than humans. As humans make mistakes or to be late at work but technology cannot. AI makes a great risk in the employment generation.
  • Loss of information
    It is the biggest problem in AI technology is the possibility of a loss of information. The information may get vanish due to harmful attacks of malware or viruses. And this cannot be possible to recover.
  • Higher power consumption 
    This technology requires higher power consumption which leads to the investment of higher cost. So this technology becomes not feasible for the lower level persons.
  •  Online learning requires the student to own a computer or laptop. However, not everybody can avail or afford this device. With such everyone can not be able take online classes.


In this pandemic scenario, Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on the education industry. It changes the working of the institutions and the job of the teachers. Along with this, it automatic different administrative tasks, evaluating and grading.
Moreover, Artificial Intelligence also changed the lives of students. As it helps students anytime anywhere for the solution for their problems.