Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: The big bull with his portfolio details.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: The big bull with his portfolio details.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala,61, is India’s top successful stock market investor who earned 11,000 crores out of just Rs 5000. He is known by many names as “Warren Buffet of India” “The big Bull” “born with a Midas touch”.

Also, he is the mastermind behind his success story. He manages his own portfolio as a colleague in the fund management firm Rare Enterprises. This firm is named after the first two alphabets of his name and his wife’s name RA of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RE of Rekha Jhunjhunwala.

When did Rakesh Jhunjhunwala start investing?

In 1985, when he was in college, he started his career in the Stock market. By September 2018 he was at the peak of his career. He entered Dalaal Street by following his father footsteps. His advice of reading newspaper daily about market gave the big bull to this target.

He loved to play with risks from the beginning of his career. His father refused to help him financially and was disallowed to ask for money from friends. He raised money and promised his brother’s clients to make returns higher than the bank fixed deposits, which in return, kept his words and made huge profits for them.

Big Bull First Big Profit.

He first made the most in 1986, exactly after one year of his career. It was when he bought 5,000 shares of Tata Tea at Rs 43 and the price spiked to Rs 143 in the span of just three months. From 2.15 Lacs he made 5 Lacs, almost 2.5 times of his capital investment.

Likewise, he earned 20 to 25 Lacs in three years by executing in such trades.

Following years, the big bull is trading in Titan, Crisil, Sesa Goa, Praj Industries, Aurobindo Pharma and NCC.

Apart from gains, he made few losses but recovered soon through her Midas touch. After the 2008 recession, the stock which he was holding fell about 30 percent in total but regained all the losses by the 2012 spike.

Unknown secrets of trading strategies of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

The big bull is the topmost stock investor in India. He is the 48th richest man in India. Now the question arises there are millions of traders in India why is only he at the top?

The answer to this is the five hidden secrets behind this:

  • Right timing with decision making:

    In the stock market, one has to be attentive and have to pick the right stock at right time. Our big bull is the professor for picking up the share at the right time.

    Between 1986 and 1989 our master earned Rs 20-25 Lacs. Another big profit he made in Sesa Goa, an iron mining company by buying 4 lacs shares of Sesa Goa costing Rs 1 crore. And sold half quantity at Rs 60-65 and another half of the half quantity at Rs 150-175. The remaining at Rs 2200.

    Henceforth, investing at right time in the correct share is important to become a successful trader like him.

  • Awareness and good skill set:

    Before investing in the share market in-depth analysis of the company should be done before entering into the trade. It needs a lot of research, collecting information and research.

  • Capital:

    In every business, one needs to invest a lot of money to get money. For beginners, one need to invest a lot of capital to start from the ground level to reach the sky. But the sky is not only the limit. It is beyond that also.

    Although the big bull put the step-in stock market from 5,000 Rs all traders do not have the luck as him.

  • Degree of Patience:

    In the stock market, patience and controlled emotions are the two main features traders should possess. The movement in the stock market is volatile sometimes down sometimes up. If any news is updated then the share goes wild. Therefore, a trader should have patience and stick to the stop loss. In December 2011 Jhunjhunwala’s stock fell 30 per cent. Because of his extreme level of patience, he was able to make handsome profits. Apart from the profits, he was able to cover the losses incurred in 2012.

    In the present year, he has made 35 percent of returns till now.

  • Discipline:

    With dedication, discipline comes. Hence Jhunjhunwala’s dedication to his work like researching, analysing, planning and executing comes with discipline. A good trader has to create a disciplined strategy of trading to extract big gains from the stock market.

A view of His latest portfolio.


Share name Sector Holding value
Titan company limited Miscellaneous 8217.7 Cr
Tata motors limited Auto 1114.6 Cr
Crisil Miscellaneous 1090.4 Cr
Fortis Healthcare Healthcare 925.7 Cr
Escorts Ltd Auto 862.6 Cr
Jubilant Ingrevia 750.5 Cr
Lupin Pharma 697.2 Cr
Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Steel 690.3 Cr
Jubilant Pharmanova Pharma 658.2 Cr
NCC Ltd. Construction 613.3 Cr
Nazara Technologies Gaming 591.1 Cr
Rallis Pesticide and chemical 536.3 Cr
Federal Bank Banking 450.9 Cr
Tata communications Telecommunications 408.2 Cr
Delta Corp. Constructions 378 Cr
Multicommodity Exchange of India (MCX) Miscellaneous 375.3 Cr
Indian Hotel Company Hotel 367.6 Cr
Aptech Computer 304.9 Cr
India bull housing finance Finance 232.1 Cr
Agrotech foods ltd Agriculture 201.3 Cr
Va Tech Wabag Water treatment 172.4 Cr
Karur Vyasa Bank 155.3 Cr
Geojit financial services Finance 141.3 Cr
Edelweiss Financial Services Finance 120.2 Cr

These are the few stocks of his portfolio. He holds a portfolio of approx. 15000 Cr with top stocks Titan, Lupin and Crisil. By selling Crisil shares worth Rs 27 Cr he bought a flat in a prime area Malabar hill in Mumbai.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala good works.

The big bull is a good human with a brain. He is focussing on the nutrition and education sector more. In 2020, planned to give 25 percent of wealth to charity.

He donated St Jude, which provide shelters to cancer children, to Agastya International Foundation and Arpan, a body that teaches children about sexual harassment.

The Big Bull contributes to many such institutions. He is planning to open an eye hospital in Mumbai, with 15,000 free of cost eye surgeries.

In short, he is a philanthropist, a brainy and good-hearted person. He is a perfect Idol for many Indians.