Lenskart owner Peyush Bansal start-up in India from scrape.

Lenskart owner Peyush Bansal start-up in India from scrape.

Peyush Bansal the owner of the revolutionary eyewear company Lenskart is the talk of the town on social media nowadays.

His appearance on the Indian version of the famous reality show Shark tank has got everyone talking about him.

Lenskart owner Education details

The Lenskart owner has completed his schooling at Don Bosco High School. Later went on to do his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Canada.

Before starting Lenskart, he was working with Microsoft on making the experience of users of MS office easier and happier.

He was unhappy with his job at the software giant. In 2007, he abandon the job and move back to India.

After moving to India Peyush got busy with a few startups which were successful. His management diploma in entrepreneurship from IIM Bangalore.

Lenskart owner Journey

The biggest turning point in his life came in 2010 when he founded Lenskart and started selling contact lenses on the platform.Later he went on to add frames for spectacles and sunglasses.

Now Lenskart apart from having a very strong presence in the e-commerce market through their website. Also have about 600 stores in many cities across India, making them a pan India company. Today he runs the company with a vision to help people in India.

Although,  Lenskart does about 15,000 eyes testing each day helping people in correcting their vision through their affordable and high-quality eyewear’s.

Lenskart kept growing through their online business model despite being the pandemic globally. Even they double the sale helping them move past their biggest competition the tata group company Titan eyewears.

Lenskart appreciation worldwide

  • The empire grabbed the Marketing Sherpa Email Award 2014 for the “Create and Design- Ecommerce” group for conviction and modernization with new creations.
  • The venture won the India TV Yuva Awards in 2015.
  • The organization entered into the mark of $10 billion and was broadcasted in Forbes India online magazine in 2015.
  • Last but not the least, his approximated net worth in 2021 is $80 million.


Most of their business comes from their online Business model and yet they are very optimistic about their brick-and-mortar business model.

They believe that the customer would just love to walk into one of their stories, take the feel of the product, and a free trial of the frame before buying them.

Peyush is not only a big businessman but also an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who wants to make it big and achieve their goals in their respective fields.

His story and achievement will inspire many to dream and be dedicated towards it to achieve something big and generous.